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As professional REALTORS we have the fortunate position of being the first contact point for many folks who are considering moving to Park City on a full or part time basis.  For us, the decision to donate 1% of our commissions to support the efforts of the Summit Land Conservancy was an easy one.

One of the first things visitors notice as they enter Park City are the numerous tracts of open space and trails that exist in and around Park City.  It becomes intuitively obvious to the visitor that Parkites take their outdoor sports seriously.  Even before they focus on the world class ski resorts that are the economic engine for our community, visitors notice the trails and the more subtly, the open space that allows those trails to exist. The novelty of seeing Nordic skiers skating across an open field truly set the tone for our world class resort community.

At Peterson Calder Real Estate, we recognize that open space serves as the canvas for the incredible network of trails that have been built over the last two decades. This symbiotic relationship affords locals an incredible opportunity to enjoy easy trails access from a myriad of different locations around town.  Because of this Park City has become a very bikeable and walkable mountain community. 

In our business our clients are often looking throughout the West as they make their buying decisions, in the real estate world we benefit greatly from the preservation efforts of the Conservancy and the positive effect such preservation has on our community.  More importantly, our lives have been greatly enriched because of the ongoing efforts of the Summit Land Conservancy.  Preserving open space is tantamount to preserving the lifestyle we so enjoy here in Park City. 

Not only does the Conservancy provide the canvas for trails but they focus on all kinds of open space that protect the beautiful view sheds, the mountainscapes that provide the foreground for the alpenglow and sunsets, the turf for free roaming deer, elk, moose, and fox, all make Park City what it is… a very special mountain community.

We hope others will join us in our support of an organization whose efforts focus on “forever” not “for profit”.  Now is the time to protect what we value so much in this wonderful community, as Steve Osgethorpe so brilliantly put it … for ranchers and farmers, “the last crop are the houses” … please don’t let it get to that point, give generously with your time and money.

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